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15 July 2015

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First Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival Held in Zhuzhou’s Yanling County

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Photos Taken by Luo Xueli
On the morning of September 19, the First Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival 2018 Hunan Venue Celebration was held on Yandiling (the Mausoleum of Emperor Yan) Square in Yanling County, Zhuzhou City. The County released the 2018 “one scenic belt and eight bases” agricultural industrialization farmer-benefited policy. This policy is aimed for all farmers and business operators in the County. At the same time, it announced free travel policy for farmers throughout China.
With Yan Emperor’s farming culture as the core, the Celebration is themed with “praying for a harvest year”. It aims to represent a brand-new rural image all-round during the harvest season via various cultural and artistic forms. Additionally, it intends to promote the spirit of Yan Emperor, inherit the farming culture, and pass on the values featuring farmers-worshiping.
During the Celebration, the blessing-praying ceremony was held at the main scene. At the worshiping square, drums-and gongs-beating performance was presented to the public. Audiences attending the worship ceremony offer tributes and floral baskets, and burned joss sticks piously to the ancestor of Chinese nation-Emperor Yan.
Zhuzhou’s Yanling County is a piece of blessed land for Emperor Yan’s eternal peace. In recent years, with green development as the driving force, Yanling has attached great importance to the development of “one scenic belt and eight bases”. It means the ecological leisure scenic belt; the characteristic fruits, highland tea leaves, bamboo shoot forest, oil-tea camellia, Lingxian County white geese, highland vegetables, flower seedlings, and Chinese medicinal materials bases. It leads farmers to focus on ecological development and profitable agriculture.
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