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15 July 2015


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Hunan Closes Scenic Spots Due to Freezing Weather

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The Hunan Tourism Development Committee (HTDC) announced on January 6 that 21 scenic spots were closed temporarily due to cold, rainy, snowy, and freezing weather conditions. The HTDC warmly reminds tourists to choose travel destination carefully.

The HTDC asked all departments concerned to strengthen evaluations, have staff on duty, make contingency plans, keep an eye on weather changes, and provide safety precautions to protect against adverse effects on transportation and tourist facilities caused by bad weather. All travel agencies should emphasize the awareness of safety and urge passenger transport enterprises to step up vehicle safety inspection. All star-rated hotels should strengthen inspection of electrical safety and fire protection; all scenic spots should increase the inspection and maintenance of tourist facilities and equipment to ensure tourists' safety.

As of 18:00, January 6, Hunan temporarily closed the following tourist attractions (spots):

Changsha City
Heimifeng Forest Park in Wangcheng District

Shaoyang City
Yunshan Scenic Area and Haihuanong Scenic Area in Wugang City; Jinjiang Lake Scenic Area in Shaoyang County; Lixi River Rafting Scenic Area and Yijiang River Water Park in Xining County

Loudi City
Ziquejie Terraced Fields Scenic Area, Sanliandong Scenic Area, Qujiangyuan Scenic Area, and Yatianmenfeng Scenic Area in Xinhua County; the road towards to mountaintop from Xionghsan Temple of Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park is closed and tourists can only walk to the mountaintop.

Yueyang City
Dayun Mountain Scenic Area in Yueyang County

Changde City
Huping Mountain Grand Canyon in Shimen County will be closed to January 10; all recreational activities at Fuchuan Wetland Tourist Resort in Lixian County are closed; all sightseeing boats on Chuanzi River in Wuling District are not in service; Huayanxi Scenic Area in Dingcheng District is closed.

Yiyang City
Taohua River Bamboo Sea Scenic Area in Taojiang County

Zhangjiajie City
Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area is closed due to cableway overhaul between January 2 and 17; the scenic area fully closed; Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area is closed at 8: 00-14: 00, and its glass bridge opens to the public at 14: 00-17: 00; Wulei Mountain Scenic Area is closed, and Baiwu Highway is under traffic control; Yixiantian Scenic Area is closed, and Lingzhao Highway is under partially traffic control.

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