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15 July 2015

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Huaihua Sci-Tech Poverty Alleviation Delivers Effective Results

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Women brocade-makers work at home. (Photo by Zhang Jing)
Hunan Science and Technology Departments at various levels attached great importance to the shortage of scientific and technological (Sci-Tech) resources and talents for poverty alleviation. Many Sci-Tech personnel conducted field surveys to promote industrial development and targeted poverty alleviation. This boosted innovative and entrepreneurial dynamism in poverty-stricken areas.
With the Sci-Tech deputy county leader as the team leader, and the Sci-Tech commissioner and talents as the main body, the team-type Sci-Tech talents counterpart aid model has delivered effective results in many poorer counties in Hunan. It included Huaihua Tongdao Dong Autonomous County.
Huaihua City provided great support for Sci-Tech commissioners’ innovation and business-starting. In the past three years, there were 23 projects with supportive funds of over 3 million CNY. The City focused on the Sci-Tech development needs of counties (cities and districts). It aims to enhance technical innovation, Sci-Tech demonstration, and achievements transformation.
Sci-Tech poverty alleviation has been promoted all-round through the integration of scientific research strengths and reasonable allocation of Sci-Tech resources. Over 40 new technologies, new types, and new achievements have been popularized in some demonstration bases in Tongdao County.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
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