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15 July 2015

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First “Chinese Doctor’s Day” Marked in Hunan

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The first Hunan provincial “Chinese Doctor’s Day” celebration conference was held in Changsha on August 17, 2018. Seventy-five outstanding doctors were awarded such honors as “Bethune Award in Hunan”, “Good Doctor in Hunan”, and “Most Beautiful Physician in Hunan”. The Bethune award winners’ good deeds were introduced on site. Hunan Vice Governor Wu Guiying attended and delivered a speech.
The first “Chinese Doctor’s Day” falls on August 19 this year. A series of themed publicity activities were held in Hunan Province to mark the day, including the traditional Chinese medicine doctor apprentice ceremony, scientific popularization and competition, and voluntary medical services.
Vice Governor Wu emphasized that the medical workers in the province should follow the examples of award-winning doctors, and learn from them in the following aspects:
-Firm beliefs of selfless dedication and helping those in need;
-Noble virtues of dedication and benevolence;
-Scientific spirits of excellence and meticulousness; and,
-Professional ethics of caring for patients, honesty, and self-disciplined
She asked them to strive to be good doctors who wholeheartedly serve the people and care for their health.
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