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15 July 2015

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Hunan Releases 2017 Findings on Women and Children Development Status

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On August 19, the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics released reports on the 2017 Hunan Women’s Development Status and the 2017 Hunan Children’s Development Status. The two reports show that Hunan has well implemented its development plans on women and children, and safeguarded their rights on health, education, welfare, social security, and legal protection. 

It is surveyed that the requirements of women on health and intellectual development in Hunan have been met in 2017. The management rate of pregnant and lying-in women system reached 93.77%, 0.84 percentage point higher than the previous year. The indicator of females receiving compulsory education was at a higher level. Over half of students enjoying regular higher education, postgraduate education, and adult higher education were females. 
The employment of females has witnessed a sound development. The number of urban female employees was 2.0182 million in 2017, accounting for 35.67% of the total, an increase of 1.09 percentage points over the previous year. 
The health level of Hunan’s children has continuously improved. The coverage rate of immune vaccines exceeded 99% in 2017.
Hunan has obtained significant achievements in the development of children’s preschool education, compulsory education, and special education. Hunan has newly built 305 kindergartens in 2017, with the total number of kindergarten children reaching 2.2899 million. 
Based on its development plan, Hunan has proceeded smoothly in the fields of children’s welfare, social environment, and legal protection. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
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