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15 July 2015

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Huanghua International Airport Opens Second Runway

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At 6:40 am on March 30, 2017, an A330 aircraft of the Eastern Airlines departing from South Korea’s Incheon landed on the newly opened runway of the Changsha Huanghua International Airport. It marks that the Apirport has become the third one following Zhengzhou and Wuhan in the central China that enjoys “double runway”.

The new runway is 3.8 kilometers long and 60 meters wide, located in parallel at 380 meters away to the east of the first runway. Airplanes are expected to take off on the first runway and land on the second. With the addition of the second runway, the Huanghua airport’s ICAO category has been elevated from 4E to 4F (top level). It will be able to receive 31 million passengers, handle 320,000 tons of cargo, and meet the needs for airplanes to taking-off and landing for 244,000 sorties yearly. The new runway will also make the largest passenger plane Airbus A380 run smoothly.

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