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15 July 2015

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36th Bird-loving Week Observed in Changsha

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On March 31, students of Baixi Primary School in Changsha County show their handmade birds’ nests. These nests will be installed in trees of wetland parks, becoming warm and comfortable homes of birds.

On March 31, students visit an exhibition on bird protection at Songya Lake Wetland Science Museum.

The 36th Changsha Bird-loving Week was launched at Songya Lake National Wetland Park in Changsha County on March 31, 2017. A migratory bird watch station, co-built by Songya Lake National Wetland Park and Changsha Wildlife Conservation Association, was established. The bird-watching station will conduct work of patrolling and monitoring migratory birds and popularizing knowledge of birds, in order to better protect birds and ecological environment.

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