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15 July 2015

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Mobile Internet Yuelu Summit 2017 Opens

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The Mobile Internet Yuelu Summit 2017 opens in Changsha on March 31, 2017.


The photo above shows the scene of signing ceremony.


Mobile internet leaders participate in virtual “rowing” race during the break of the Summit on March 31.


Representatives of the Summit experience VR technology during the break of the Summit on March 31.

The 2-day Mobile Internet Yuelu Summit 2017 was scheduled to open in Changsha on March 31. IDG Capital Global Executive President Xiong Xiaoge, China Young Angel Investor Leader Association President Li Zhu, Founder and CEO of Beijing Momo Technology Co., Ltd. Tang Yan, Co-founder of Didi Chuxing Wang Gang, CEO Yao Jinbo and other mobile Internet leaders arrived in Changsha on March 30.

About 2,000 mobile Internet companies will join the Summit. And nearly 3,000 people will participate in the event, including Chinese leaders of mobile Internet industry, experts and professors.

The Summit aims to build a platform for mobile Internet innovation and business startups, and industrial integration, application and development. Themed on “Mobile Life in Sharing Economy", the Summit consists of a main forum and eleven sub-forums, focusing on project roadshow, sharing views of mobile internet leaders, and special sessions on entrepreneurship services, credit investigation and consumer finance, big data, digital asset, and mobile tourism.

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