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15 July 2015

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500 Hunan Projects Open for Investment

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On April 24, the Hunan Development and Reform Commission announced that 500 projects worth more than 2 trillion yuan are available for investment this year. This is an increase of 25% from last year. The total investment rose 228% compared with 2016.

The projects are divided into 4 categories: infrastructure, new industrialization, modern service industry, and industrial park construction. Their 15 sub-categories include transportation energy, urban construction, underground utility tunnel and sewage treatment, new-style small towns, advanced equipment manufacturing, automobile and automotive parts, electronic information, new materials, textile and chemical engineering, agriculture and agricultural products processing, trade and logistics, tourism, culture, education, health and sports, finance, and industrial parks construction.

Some projects highlighted the requirements of the new industrialization. Among the 500 projects, 359 were related to this field, an increase of 29.6% over 2016. Total investment was 1.35079 trillion yuan. The average single project investment is 3.762 billion yuan, up 108% over 2016.

The people’s livelihood is the priority for all projects Of the 15 sub-categories, the total investment in the 6 sub-categories of trade and logistics; culture, education, and health; finance; tourism; urban construction; and, water supply and sewage was 81.46 billion yuan, accounting for 41.5% of the total.

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