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15 July 2015

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Hunan, Shanghai Initiate E-supervision on Fireworks Export

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An electronic supervision system for exporting fireworks and firecrackers quality was put into trial operation recently, enabling 80% of China's exporting fireworks and firecrackers to be traceable. It was jointly developed by the Hunan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the Shanghai counterpart.


The Internet of Things based electronic tag technology was firstly used in two containers of Liuyang firework and firecrackers. After inspection, the container numbers, electronic tags, and some key information in images and videos were uploaded to a Cloud database, and open to Shanghai inspection authorities for real-time monitoring and random inspections at ports.


Beyond that, the system will later open to overseas inspectors and consumers for product information searching, so as to build a G2G (government to government) tracking and tracing chain for exporting fireworks and firecrackers security. The next phase development will be oriented to information sharing among safety supervision, maritime affairs administration, and customs.


Liuyang, the largest fireworks and firecrackers exporter worldwide, produces 60% of China's exporting firework products. Liuyang Government recently issued "Opinions on Accelerating Firework Industry Development", putting forward building a national demonstration zone for quality safety of exporting fireworks and firecrackers.


The construction of such demonstration zone, together with implementation of electronic supervision system, will advance Liuyang fireworks quality safety, and further fuel Liuyang firework industry development.


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