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15 July 2015

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23,500 Mu Lands Leveling Work Finished in Rucheng County

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It was learned from Rucheng Forestry Bureau that till now 23,500mu mountainous lands leveling work have been finished, accounting for 90.38% of the plan; 12,400mu afforestation work has been completed, accounting for 47.69% of the plan. In order to fulfill the mountainous afforestation tasks placed by Hunan provincial and Chenzhou municipal government, the bureau figured out the plan in advance and designated relative tasks for the villages and groups accordingly. The subsidy mechanism for afforestation was kept being handled that 4.30million yuan for the afforestation of barren mountains and lands were covered into annual financial budget of the county.


At the meantime, it placed great attention on the implementation work that 14 technological service teams were detached to guide the afforestation work, which greatly helped to ensure the quality and progress of the work.