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15 July 2015

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7 HNU Disciplines Rank Top 1% in ESI List

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For the first time, computer science discipline of Hunan University (HNU) entered into ESI global Top 1% disciplines, according to the latest Essential Science Indicators (ESI) data.
Hunan University has seven disciplines in total ranking among ESI Top 1%, namely, chemistry, engineering, physics, materials science, biology and biochemistry, mathematics, and computer science. So far, 30 disciplines of eight institutions of higher learning in Hunan were among such ranks. 
ESI from Thomson Reuters is a compilation of statistical information (publication, citation, and cities-per-paper counts) for scientists, institutions, countries, and journals. It is based on journal article publication counts and citation data from Web of Science. ESI has been worldly recognized as key indicators to evaluate academic level and influence of institutions of higher education, academic institutions, and countries and regions.
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