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15 July 2015

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Hunan Group and Individual Win China's Initial Ecological Civilization Award

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The China's Ecological Civilization Award ceremony was held in Beijing on June 5, the same day of the 45th World Environment Day. The Ecological Civilization Construction Office of Changsha County and Zhou Guisheng, director of Bureau of Environmental Protection of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County of Yongzhou City won the Group and Individual prizes respectively. 
Changsha County has attached great importance to publicize ecological civilization and establish a long-term mechanism for ecological civilization. About 3.8% of the total GPD of the county has been injected into improving ecological environment every year. The county has taken the lead in seven aspects, including full coverage of sewage treatment facility in central towns, full coverage of household waste disposal in rural areas, total quantity control of livestock breeding, establishment of an ecological compensation mechanism, promotion of energy-saving street lamps, biodiversity protection and building a national ecology-friendly county. The county has been conferred the title of national ecology-friendly county for its indicators on eco-environmental quality went above 90 for years.
In recent five years, Zhou Guisheng, individual prize winner at the award event, has taken practical actions to implementing the “Eco-county” Initiative proposed by the CPC Jianghua County Committee and the People’s Government of Jianghua. These pragmatic efforts exerted by He and his co-workers made Jiangyong the first provincial eco-county of Hunan. He also established the first environmental protection station at village and town level in Yongzhou.
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