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15 July 2015

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Accelerating the Construction of “Five Chenzhou”

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Centralized by keeping leading role of industry and improving coordinated development to promote the overall development of Chenzhou city


In last years, Chenzhou city placed great efforts on handling the projects of one-hundred-billion-yuan investment, 10-billion-yuan city construction, “100 well-being projects”, and etc. to promote the construction of city, transportation, industry, and etc., which helped to reach great achievements on different aspects never reached before.


Chenzhou city’s economy was with the span of ten-billion-yuan and one-hundred-billion yuan; the main economic indexes of it were upgraded in the first phalanx of Hunan province; and it was awarded as one of the happiest cities of China.


We can discover from the achievements that Chenzhou city’s rapid development during “12th five-year plan” was based and led by intensified infrastructure construction and basic industry investment, and its growth pattern was driven by typical “troika” as investment, consumption, and exportation. Investment is one of the most important parts among all. Now economic development is in the New Normal, and the driving forces for economic development have started to be changed, so the task for upgrading the development effects becomes even harder.


In following 5 years, development is still the first concern for Chenzhou city. After the rapid development during “12th five-year plan”, Chenzhou city will follow the general strategy of “keeping leading role of industry and improving coordinated development” in “13th five-year plan” to promote the economy, politics, culture, society, ecology and Party construction, improve the coordinated development of new industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, informatization, and greening, upgrade Chenzhou city to Hunan province’s advanced area of deepening reform and opening up, demonstration of industrial transformation development, and leading area for overall development of urban-rural areas and ecological civilization construction, fulfill the target of well-off society, and accelerate the construction of “powerful, innovative, opening, ecological, and people-oriented” Chenzhou.


Concerned for the industrial transfer, the fundamental task for following 5 years is to accelerate the transformation of resource-dependent city. On December 16, 2015, Yi Pengfei- Secretary of Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee emphasized on his investigation for Chenzhou city’s industrial development that all the departments should change their ideas from government debt investment to investment attraction and industrial development; the investment attraction should change from the leading of non-ferrous metals to “five development concepts”; and more industrial projects should be settled down in industrial parks rather than with dispersed layout. It should promote the adjustment of industrial structure and transformation of development modes, upgrade traditional advantageous industry, introduce and cultivate strategic emerging industry, improve modern service industry, cultivate new economic increasing points, and forge the upgraded version of Chenzhou city’s industry by “three transfers”.



Guided with “five concepts” on “13th five-year plan”


Five new development concepts as innovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing which were proposed in the Fifth Plenary Session of 18th Central Committee of CPC are the basic principles for Chenzhou city’s development in following 5 years.


Concerned for the practical development of Chenzhou city, it should keep the leading role of industry. It was estimated that in 2015, the per capita GDP of Chenzhou city would be USD1000 lower than per capita GDP of China; due to lacking of large and characteristic enterprises, there is no 5-billion-yuan output value enterprise available in Chenzhou city, or large number of famous and influential brands nationwide or in Hunan province. In “13th five-year plan”, Chenzhou city should transfer the key working points to “promote industry, enhance entity economy, upgrade quality, and increase effects” and upgrade the industry’s overall quality, economic effects and competitiveness, which is purposely to support the prosperous development of Chenzhou city’s economy by accelerating industrial transformation.


At the meantime, it should keep overall development. Currently, the dual structure of urban and rural areas has not been changed. Rural area is still with poor infrastructure condition. Poverty alleviation task is still tough that 383,400 people of 528 villages are still suffered from poverty. The development of counties is not balance that 3 counties are enrolled into the list of “top 10” counties of county economy of Hunan province, while 2 national level and 2 Hunan provincial level poverty-stricken counties are still available there.


Third, it should be driven with innovation. According to the incomplete statistics, the scientific research staffs of the scale industry just cover 2.3% of the whole amount of employees; the increase of economy is still dependent on the resource paths, investment of elements as capitals, labor force, and etc., and policies. The main industries of non-ferrous metals and coal are still just under the preliminary processing stage. So technical innovation should be placed in the particularly important place to upgrade the enterprises’ technical quality and innovation capacity, and increase the high-tech’s contribution to economy and society.


Forth, it should keep governing city by law. Comprehensively implement the rule of law is the key content and target for building well-off society. In following five years, Chenzhou city should keep governing the city by law and should deepen reform, promote development, resolve contradictions, keep stability, and accelerate the construction of rule-of-law economy, government and society with the ideas and measures of rule-of-law.


Fifth, it should keep the leadership of the Party. The foundation for fulfilling the target of well-off society is to run the Party strictly, so the enhancement and improvement of the Party’s leadership should be kept as the fundamental political guarantee for promoting the sustainable and sound development of economy and society. Furthermore, the construction of ideology, organization, working style, anti-corruption, and mechanism should be strengthened as well to provide powerful safeguard for economic and social development.


Keeping construction of well-off society as the new target of the development of “13th five-year plan”


Followed the great target of fulfilling the construction of well-off society in 2020 listed in the 18th National Congress of CPC and new general requirements of fulfilling the construction of well-off society proposed in the Fifth Plenary Session of 18th Central Committee of CPC, Chenzhou city analyzed its development foundation and trend & condition of future development, and presented following targets in “13th five-year plan”:


1. Economic aggregate: keeping rapid increase. Generally speaking, Chenzhou city is still an underdeveloped area and should try more efforts to improve it. In following 5 years, it should reach the targets as follow: promoting its economic increase higher than national and Hunan provincial average level; promoting the regional GDP and per capita income of urban and rural residents to be 2 times of 2010 two years ahead of schedule; narrowing the gap of per capita GDP between the city and national average level; and fulfilling the construction of well-off society target one year ahead of schedule.


2. Economic structure: accelerating the adjustment. On the consideration of prominent problem as economic development is unmatched with financial increase, and residents’ income increase, and realities as tax payment covers low rate of fiscal revenue, the cultivation of financial resources needs to be promoted forcefully, and etc., Chenzhou city should accelerate the promotion of its industry to be high and mid-grade; should enhance the deep processing capacity of resource industries; improve manufacturing industry to be larger and more powerful; speed up development of new industry and new businesses; increase the rate of modern service industry; promote the development of agricultural modernization; and upgrade the urbanization rate to be Hunan provincial average level.


3. Motivation to the development: realizing new transformation. Currently, Chenzhou city is mainly dependent on the investment, consumption, and exportation to drive the economic increase. In following 5 years, it should increase the driving force of consumption; should improve the coordinated driving of first, secondary and tertiary industry; and should change to innovation-driven mode. Furthermore, it should pay balance attention of demand and supply.


4. People’s living condition and quality: realizing well-off synchronously. In following 5 years, employment, education, social security, medical treatment, housing and other public service systems should be better; the equalization of basic public services should be upgraded; employment should be more sufficient; the income gap should be narrower and the population with median income should be more. Till 2019, 382,400 poverty stricken people which are identified under current standards of Chenzhou city should get rid of the poverty condition; 4 poverty stricken counties should be free from the title; and the whole city should realize well-off synchronously.


5. Quality of the people and social civilization: upgrading prominently. Assisted with the establishmen

t of “national civilized city”, Chenzhou city should promote the full implementation of socialism core values; upgrade the citizens’ quality of ideology and morality, science and culture, legal sense, regulation sense, and health; and complete the construction of public cultural service system.


6. Ecological environment: become more livable. In following 5 years, Chenzhou city should form the low-carbon production and living style to decrease the emission of key pollutants; should figure out the main functional layout and ecological safety shield to upgrade the rate of forest coverage and inventory of wet lands; and keep ranking in advance on two-oriented construction and ecological civilization construction in Hunan province.


7. Mechanism and system: improving perfect. Institutional results should be reached on overall deepening reform, and the complete, scientific, and effective institutional system should be established. People’s democracy should be expanded; the law-based government should be established; the judicial credibility should be upgraded; and the property right should be well protected. Furthermore, the open economy mechanism should be formulated, and the institutionalization of Party’s construction should be upgraded greatly.