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15 July 2015

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Hunan’s GDP Rankings 2015 Released

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Hunan’s 12 cities and one prefecture maintained a GDP growth rate of over 8% and the top three were Changsha, Xiangtan and Shaoyang, according to the GDP rankings of Hunan’s 13 cities and one prefecture released by the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics on Feb. 1st, 2016. 


Based on the statistics, the GDP of 11 cities and one prefecture surpassed 100 billion yuan. Among them, Changsha’s GDP exceeded 850 billion yuan for the first time and ranked first in Hunan. Chenzhou’s GDP was more than 200 billion yuan, making the number of cities (prefecture) enjoying over 200 billion yuan in GDP to six. 


The GDP rankings in Hunan 2015 are as follows:

Notes: the unit is one billion yuan; Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (Xiangxi for short)

Changsha   851 
Yueyang    288.6
Changde    270.9
Hengyang   260.1
Zhuzhou    233.5
Chenzhou   201.2
Xiangtan    170.3
Yongzhou   141.8
Shaoyang   138.7
Yiyang      135.4
Loudi       129.1
Huaihua     127.3
Xiangxi      49.7
Zhangjiajie   44.7


The rankings of GDP year-on-year growth rate in Hunan were as follows.

Notes: the unit is percent or %; Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (Xiangxi for short)

Changsha   9.9
Xiangtan    9.6
Shaoyang   9.6
Zhuzhou    9.5
Yongzhou   9.0
Hengyang   8.7
Yueyang    8.7
Changde    8.7
Zhangjiajie   8.5
Chenzhou   8.5
Huaihua     8.5
Yiyang      8.4
Xiangxi      8.3
Loudi       7.6 


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