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15 July 2015

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“Discover China – Hunan Culture Expo in France” Kicks off in Paris

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Senior Official of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of French Catherine Ruggeri (2nd L) visits an exhibition of Hunan works and takes photos with exhibitors. 


French visitors are watching an artist writing calligraphy work.


An exhibitor teaches a French lady how to do Hunan embroidery.


Daliuzi performed by a Zhangjiajie folk band at the opening ceremony  


A series of colorful performances demonstrating Hunan culture were staged at Brongniart Palace, Paris on the morning of Aug. 28, 2016 (Paris time), which unveiled the curtain of an international cultural activity ”Discover China – Hunan Culture Expo in France”.

At the opening ceremony, Mayor of Changsha Hu Henghua as a special representative of Hunan Governor Du Jiahao, Chinese Ambassador to France Guan Jian, and Senior Official of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of French Catherine Ruggeri delivered speeches respectively. More than 200 Chinese and French guests from Chinese Embassy in France, related departments in France and UNESCO attended the ceremony.

Mayor Hu said Hunan has enjoyed a long history of friendship with France. He viewed the activity as an importance chance to showcase Hunan culture to French people in an all-round and multi-dimensional way. He hoped it would further strengthen the understanding between peoples of Hunan and France.

During a special exhibition on Hunan culture held from Aug. 28 to 31 at Brongniart Palace, audiences could experience the exquisite and charm of intangible culture heritage items such as Hunan embroidery, Liling porcelain, Tongguan kiln, Tujia brocade, Miao embroidery, and silver ornaments of Miao people. They could also appreciate paintings and calligraphy created by Hunan contemporary famous artists and excellent books published in Hunan. Various shows will be staged, including Changde silk string, Daliuzi, Wenqin, clay figures, calligraphy, Hunan embroidery, and dance drama “I Was Not When You Were Born”. They also have chances to do embroidery and taste Anhua dark tea on site and explore Hunan culture via AR technology.

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