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15 July 2015

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2,309Young Women Identified as Preliminary Candidates for Women Soldiers

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The on-line registration for recruitment of women soldiers this winter expired at 18:00 on Nov. 10 and there were altogether 6,709 young female applicants at the right age until the deadline, as learnt by the reporter from the provincial military recruitment office on Nov. 12.

According to different degrees and the original scores of college entrance examination of the applicants, the registration system identified 2,309 young women as candidates in the first round of selection.

It is learnt that the candidates can log into the online registration system before Nov. 15 to download and print the Registration and Review Form for Young Female Applicants. They shall take part in the preliminary trial of the first round of selection in the military recruitment office where their household register locates with the Registration and Review Form, the household register and ID card. For those who have passed the preliminary test, the provincial military recruitment office will organize another round of trial and selection before Dec. 5.

Hotlines to the Discipline Inspection Commission of Hunan Provincial Military Area Command, the Hunan Provincial Recruitment Office, and the Supervision Department of Hunan Province are opened for the masses to supervise and report the irregularities in the recruitment process.

Translator: Cai Shu