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15 July 2015

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Old-style Private School Gets Renovated

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The photo, taken on August 20, 2018, shows Zhennan School is under renovation. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai, Hunan Daily)


The photo, taken on January 6, 2019, shows pupils have recess at a courtyard of renovated Zhennan School, which later changes its name to Zhennan Primary School. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai, Hunan Daily)


The photo, taken on March 30, 2014, shows the idle Zhennan School is covered with ivy plants. (Photo/Ouyang Changhai, Hunan Daily)


The Zhennan School is located in Zhennan Village, Ouyanghai Town, Guiyang County. It was originally built by villagers for their children in 1930, and abandoned later. In 2018, Guiyang County began to renovate the school. The new school has a two-story brick and wood structure, covering an area of more than 1,300 square meters. It has 8 classrooms, and can accommodate more than 300 students. Though renovated, the school maintains the Republic of China architectural style.

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