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15 July 2015


Chongyang Festival Marked in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County

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The photo above, taken on October 7, shows the tourists and villagers were happy to taste lobsters and crabs. On the same day, the “Happy Chongyang Festival and National Day” Lobster and Crab Folk Culture Festival was held in Pipa Village, Shuangjiang Town, Tongdao Dong Autonomous County. The villagers and tourists played lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument), enjoyed the lobster and crab banquet in celebration of the Chongyang Festival. (Photo/Liu Qiang) 
Background information:
Chongyang Festival, also known as the Double Ninth Festival, is held on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. It is also known as the Senior Citizens’ Festival. In 2019, the Double Ninth Festival falls on October 7. All Chinese festivals have traditional activities, and Chongyang is no difference. Chongyang is principally an outdoor festival and among the activities practiced in its celebration are walking and hill climbing, eating Chongyang cakes, appreciating chrysanthemum blooms and drinking chrysanthemum wine, wearing cornels, and more. (Source: chinahighlights; chinatravelguide)
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