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15 July 2015


Ratooning Rice Harvested in Xupu County

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On November 9, villagers are busy harvesting ratooning rice at a ratooning rice high yield demonstration area at Shuidong Town, Xupu County. The demonstration area is founded by the Hunan Agro-Tech Extension Station. The average output of the area is expected to be 1,015.8 kilograms per mu, including 301.8 kilograms of ratooning rice and 714 kilograms of early season rice. (Photo/Zeng Wei)

Ratooning is a method of harvesting a crop which leaves the roots and the lower parts of the plant uncut to give the ratoon or the stubble crop. The main benefit of ratooning is that the crop matures earlier in the season. Ratooning can also decrease the cost of preparing the field and planting. (Source:

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