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15 July 2015

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Foreigners Taste Peking Opera

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The Chinese Corner at the Hunan Library and the Peking Opera Protection and Inheritance Center of Hunan jointly gave an exciting Peking Opera lesson on June 23, 2019. There were over 120 international guests attended. 
The host performed while introducing Peking Opera’s origin, roles, and facial makeup. The international audiences were given chance to try their hands at Peking Opera after they obtained basic knowledge. 
Sajjad, a Pakistan student at the Central South University, was painted a facial makeup of Guan Yu (AD160-219), a general of the Three Kingdoms, who is seen as the epitome of loyalty and righteousness, as well as a patron saint of wealth. “There are many Chinese cultural activities in Pakistan. I have watched Peking Opera, and know that red color on the facial makeup implies bravery. I love the facial makeup of Guan Yu,” he said with great excitement.  
David Hughes from U.K. was painted a makeup of Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, a Chinese legendary cartoon character in his childhood. 
The exquisite costumes and distinctive performance enchanted the audiences. They scrambled to try the costumes, and learn simple postures from the performers. 
According to Hunan Library curator He Meihua, the Chinese Corner classes began this April. Chinese and Hunan traditional cultural activities would be organized every month, which are free to the participants. Some interactive activities related to intangible cultural heritage, and dragon boat, have been held. 
More details for the coming events, please contact Hunan Library.
Hunan Library Chinese Corner Details at: 
Add.: No.169, North Shaoshan Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Tel: 0731-84129413, 84174128
Details about Peking Opera Protection and Inheritance Center: 
Add.: No.259, Renmin Road (M), Furong District, Changsha
Tel: 0731-84123646
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