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15 July 2015

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Water Quality Improved in Yueyang

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The photo taken on July 13, 2018 shows picturesque Yueyang City in the sunshine. (Photo/Xu Dianbo, Hunan Daily)
Since last year, Yueyang City has implemented the “No. 1 Key Project” to protect and improve the Xiangjiang River and taken five special actions on Dongting Lake Water Environment Comprehensive Management. Vigorous efforts have been made to pollution prevention of water, air and sand, and ten tasks like agricultural non-point source pollution, industrial pollution, urban and rural domestic pollution. 
The city has closed 15 sewage outlets with excessive emission at Dongting Lake and along the Yangtze River, and rectified and closed 24 enterprises with excessive pollution discharge. The standard-reaching rate of seven water quality monitoring sections in the East Dongting Lake increased by 9.5 percentage points over 2016. And its environmental quality sees continuous improvement. (Photo/Xu Dianbo, Hunan Daily) 
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