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15 July 2015

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International Standardization Development and China’s Manufacturing Seminar Held in Changsha

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The International Standardization Development and China’s Manufacturing seminar was held in Changsha on the morning of May 25, 2017. Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe and Secretary General Wang Qun attended the meeting. Vice Governor Xiang Lili presided over the meeting. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Chairperson Dr. Zhang Xiaogang was the keynote speaker.

Governor Xu met with Mr. Zhang and his entourage before the meeting starts. Xu said, “Standardization is essential to the overall economic and social development. It is an important move to adapt to and take the lead in economic advancement under the new normal.” He stated, “During opening up and participating in the‘Belt and Road’ initiative, making efforts for transformation and upgrading, building a manufacturing power, and making of social governance, Hunan needs standardization to solve problems occurred from these aspects.” “We expect the IOS to continue supporting Hunan as always. It may give guidance and suggestions on deepening Hunan’s standardization reform, standardization system establishment, standardization personnel training, and assist enterprises in joining in international standards setting. In this way, Hunan’s standardization work can be comprehensively improved.” Xu added.

Zhang believed that in the new international market pattern, the standardization has become the key point in global competition. “In the future, Hunan should pay more attention to expand standardization to various fields and improve the administration standardization via the opportunity of promoting government affairs opening.” Zhang said. He added,“ It should improve the standardization system, adopt advanced standards, and solidify advanced experiences. It should also promote standardization training and take part in international standardization activities, so as to take the lead in setting up the world's advanced technology and standards and strengthen its international status.”

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