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15 July 2015

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CASIC Cooperates with Hunan to Boost Environmental Protection Industry

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The Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Corporation was inaugurated in Changsha on July 26, 2016, marking China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation’s (CASIC) official host to Kaitian Group in Hunan. Vice Governor of Hunan Province Zhang Jianfei and Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of the board of CASIC Gao Hongwei unveiled the plaque for the company together.
The newly-built Corporation will fully make use of advanced resources of CASIC and Kaitian Group, develop multiple synergistic effects, and take the advantages of region, economy, and industry of Hunan Province, to achieve faster and better progress in civil-military integrated industry.
Hunan Provincial Space Administration and Aerospace Kaitian Corp. also signed strategic cooperation agreements with the cities of Hengyang, Zhuzhou, Changde, Yiyang, and Loudi, and Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, as well as four world-leading environmental protection enterprises of Germany, USA, UK, and Singapore on the same day. The interested parties were agreed to promote the development of industry of environmental protection and new materials locally.
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