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15 July 2015

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Yuan Longping Awarded Prize for World Civilization

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Yuan Longping, “Father of Hybrid Rice”, was awarded the Sustainability Prize of the “Lui Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilization” and a cash award of 20 million HKD, as announced in Hong Kong on July 26, 2016. 
This is Yuan’s 23rd international prizes for his prominent achievements in developing high-yielding hybrid rice which has contributed significantly to the enhancement of the security of world food supply.  
The Lui Che Woo Prize was founded by Mr. Lui Che Woo, chairman of K. Wah Group, to extol the individuals or organizations who have selflessly dedicated themselves to the nurturing and enrichment of world civilization. 
Beyond Sustainability Prize, the Prize has other two categories, namely, Welfare Betterment Prize, and Positive Energy Prize. Médecins Sans Frontières (“MSF”) and former US President Jimmy Carter were respectively the laureates of these two prizes. 
The awarding ceremony is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong on October 3 this year. 
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