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15 July 2015

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Hunan’ Enterprises Complete 162.2-bln-yuan Direct Financing in H1

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From January to June, the direct financing of Hunan’s enterprises increased 81% year on year to 162.2022 billion yuan, according to the Financial Affairs Office of Hunan Provincial People’s Government on July 25, 2016. In light of financing structure, bond financing increased significantly, with 36.81 billion yuan of enterprise bond financing and 51.45 billion yuan of corporation bond financing, a year on year increase of 64.53%. The issuing scale is 20 times over the same period of previous year respectively. The province saw a prominent growth in stock equity financing, and an increase of diversified methods of financing. 
Up till the end of this June, the number of Hunan enterprises listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) totaled 159, 10 of which were qualified for innovation layer of NEEQ. The initiative helped enterprises promote brand reputation and broaden financing channels. 
There were three enterprises going public due to initial financing in the first six months. Among them, Jingjia Micro and Sundy listed in Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) achieving an initial financing of 457 million yuan and 214 million yuan respectively; Hunan Baili Engineering Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. listed on Main Board with an initial financing of 338 million yuan. 
Up till now, there are 102 listed companies in Hunan, including 87 listed in China and 15 listed overseas. 
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