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15 July 2015

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City Industrial Aggregate Hits 1 Trillion Yuan

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Changsha's total industrial output value in 2015 reached 1 trillion yuan, marking a new height for the Hunan capital's industrial development, said an official of the city's statistics bureau.


According to the bureau, enterprises above designated size citywide created total industrial output value of 1.06 trillion yuan ($162 billion), a 10.6 percent year-on-year increase. The annual growth rate of its industrial added value, which totaled 322.8 billion yuan, reached 9.2 percent, ranking the seventh place among provincial capitals nationwide.


Changsha has cultivated a number of industries of strength in recent years, such as electronic equipment manufacturing, nonferrous metal, motor industry and medicine industry. These four industries contributed nearly one fourth of the city’s annual added value.


In the meantime, growth rates of the two traditional backbone industries, tobacco products and engineering mechanical industry slowed down by 2.4 percentage points than the year before. In spite of that, their added value reached 115.9 billion yuan, accounting for around 36 percent of the city's total.


The high-tech sector's contribution rate to provincial capital's industrial growth hit 33.9 percent. Also the 13 industrial parks in the city, including five national level parks contributed more than 66 percent to the city’s overall growth of industry enterprises above designated size.