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15 July 2015

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Hunan Ranks 4th in Government Website Evaluation

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95.2% of Hunan’s official government websites passed the first national evaluation for government websites organized by the State Council in 2015, ranking fourth in the country, revealed at a work conference on government website construction of Hunan Province on February 24. Remarkable results have been achieved in Hunan’s government website construction schedule, which were lead nationwide and highly appraised and recommended by the State Council.

Hunan’s 3,644 existing official government websites were involved in the examination. After rectification and improvement, blank and wrong links were rectified, website information were enriched and updated. The“out-of-date, inaccurate, not responsive and not useful” problems have been basically resolved. In 2015, Hunan’s official government websites at provincial, municipal and county level posted over two million messages, publicizing 161,000 messages on key fields and 800 reports on press conferences and public hearings.

Online service has been improved. Registered users for online government affairs service exceeded 3.91 million. 15.7 million affairs were handled in 2015, increased by 10.45% upon 2014 and 12 times more than that in 2012.

45 official government websites, including those of the Forestry Department of Hunan Province, Changsha Municipal Government, and Zhuhui District Government, were praised as Outstanding Government Websites in Hunan Province in 2015.


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