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15 July 2015

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Hunan to Set up Fund for Key Industries Intellectual Property

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A fund to help the management of intellectual property of Hunan’s key industries will be set up, as released at a work conference on intellectual property of Hunan Province on Feb. 25. 


The fund is designed to upgrade industries by launching a pilot program on intellectual property management in advanced railway equipment and engineering machinery.


With an initial pool of 150 million yuan (including 50 million yuan from the central government and 50 million yuan from Hunan government), the fund is expected to ultimately reach 500 million yuan by mobilizing social fund donations, said Director of the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office Xiao Xiangqing.


A fund management agency for the fund is under selection, Xiao added.

In the near future, a project repository for fund investment will be established by focusing on national strategic industries and Hunan’s competitive industries. Management Measures on Project Repository for Fund Investment will be formulated to give priority to the cultivation and operation of high-value patent pool, settlement of major foreign-related disputes on intellectual property rights and defensive acquisitions as well as establishment of international standards on patents.   


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