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15 July 2015

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150 Mln Funds to Develop Rural E-commerce for Poverty Alleviation

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E-commerce has become a new promising approach for poverty alleviation tasks, thanks to the rapid development of electronic business industry. Hunan Province will turn to e-commerce to help all impoverished counties rid poverty since 2016, concentrating on the major difficulty of “delivering agricultural products downtown”. It was learnt that 150 million special funds will be injected to support the rural e-business development, especially the delivery of agricultural products to urban areas.


Major tasks are as follows: 8,000 filed impoverished villages of 51 impoverished counties are set as main targets of “delivering agricultural products downtown”. Marketing approaches will be implemented to publicize the e-business mode of “Internet plus special agricultural products”, so as to solve the transaction problem of rural areas.


County-level e-business service system will be established at all the impoverished counties by the end of 2020, with e-commerce application basically popularized. Village-level e-business service station will be set up at all the impoverished villages to provide poverty alleviation services such as internet purchase for rural household, local agricultural products sale, and life service. Moreover, poverty-stricken families may sell individual special agricultural products and buy resources for living and production via e-commerce service.


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