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15 July 2015

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Yao People Celebrate Traditional Spring Ploughing Day

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Drum race of the Yao people


Fire dragon dance (The dragon is made up of incense sticks and wrapped straw)


A traditional festival themed Yao culture was held at a Yao village of Mangshan Mountain in Yizhang County on Feb. 19, also the twelfth day of the first lunar month. Festive activities such as rawhide drum race, having dinner with dishes placed on door plank and fire dragon dance (made up of sticks of burning incense and wrapped straw) were staged to entertain the locals and mark the beginning of spring ploughing in the new year.


Spring Ploughing Day is a traditional event to mark the beginning of slash-and-burn cultivation in ancient times, to greet spring and pay for good weather for harvest. Nowadays people still start their work in a new year after following the traditional celebration.


Deng Shunbin, inheritor of rawhide drum race and fire dragon dance, remarked that these traditional rites handed down from generation to generation indicate the country’s prosperity and auspiciousness. The local government has also earmarked special funds and opened training classes every year to carry forward and revitalize these traditional customs of the Yao people. 


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