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15 July 2015


Guidelines on COVID-19 Vaccination for Foreign Nationals in Hunan

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Q1: What is the age requirement for COVID-19 vaccination?
Currently only foreign nationals who are 18 years old or above are eligible for vaccination.

Q2: Which vaccine will I receive?
Currently an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 (Vero cell) vaccine and a recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (CHO cell), both made in China, are being used in Hunan Province. A full course of SARS-CoV-2 (Vero cell) vaccine consists of 2 doses at the interval of 3 weeks at least and 8 weeks at most. The recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (CHO cell) consists of 3 doses, interval among each dose should be at least 4 weeks. The second dose should be given no later than 8 weeks after the first dose, and the third dose no later than 6 months after the first dose. Please refer to the specific instructions before vaccination. The instructions may change depending on the vaccine type later supplied at the vaccination site.

Q3: How to make an appointment for vaccination?
Foreign nationals who are eligible for taking vaccines may book the vaccination in the following ways: Those who have an employer are supposed to apply to your employer who will collect the booking information and make appointment with the local health authority; individuals without an employer may book your vaccination with the community (village) where you live, which will collect the booking information and make appointment with the local health authority; individuals may also book vaccination directly with the designated hospital in your community.

Q4: What documents are required for vaccination?
Foreign nationals need to provide a valid ID when making the appointment of vaccination, and to provide your passport and valid residency permit on the spot of vaccination. Please make sure that the relevant certificates are within validity.

Q5: What kind of papers need to be signed?
Before the vaccination, you will be required to sign an informed consent and a letter of commitment at the same time. You should also take personal protection measures and inform medical staff on site of your health condition so that they can decide if you are suitable for inoculation or not.

Q6: Should I pay for the vaccination?
Foreign nationals who have been covered by Hunan’s social medical insurance scheme may take vaccine free of charge by presenting due insurance document at the vaccination site. Those who have not should bear the cost of RMB 100 per dose.

Q7: Are there some dos and don’ts after vaccination?
You should stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes of observation after getting vaccinated, and may then leave if you have no adverse reaction. Keep the injection point dry on the day of vaccination and pay attention to personal hygiene. You should immediately seek medical help and alert the vaccine provider if you develop a persistent fever or other symptoms.

Q8: How do I get the vaccination certificate?
When completing the vaccination, you can get the COVID-19 vaccination certificate from the medical staff at the vaccination site.

Q9: Do I need to wear a mask after being vaccinated?
Vaccination will produce immunity from COVID-19 and greatly reduce infection risks. However, None of the vaccines can be guaranteed for a 100% protective effect; some people may have insufficient antibodies after the vaccination and they can still be vulnerable to infection, especially when an immunologic barrier is not yet created. So it is important to wear masks, wash hands regularly, and keep social distance.

Q10: Do I still have to take nucleic acid test after being vaccinated? Can my vaccine taking certificate substitute for nucleic acid test report? 
Vaccine taking can reduce infection risks, but no vaccine is 100% effective. When necessary, you should still cooperate with relative departments and take nucleic test as required.

Q11: Where are the designated vaccination sites and who should I contact for appointment and consulation?

District/  County(City)

Vaccination Site


Appointment Phone Number

Furong District

Community Health Service Center of Dongtundu Neighborhood Office

318 Renmin East Road

(Vaccination Clinic at the West Gate of Hunan Want Want Hospital )




Community Health Service Center of Wenyuan Neighborhood Office

86 Lianhua Lane, Xinkaipu Road




COVID-19 Vaccination Site of  Hunan Women and Children’s Hospital

626 Tanzhou Avenue

( COVID-19 Vaccination Site of  Hunan Women and Children’s Hospital )


9 a.m.- 9 p.m.


9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Kaifu District

Kaifu Maternal and Child Care Service Center

(New Address )

Southwest corner of the Intersection of Qifeng Road and Sanyi Avenue in Sifangping Neighborhood




Community Health Service Center of Gaoqiao Neighborhood Office

Building H of Shangheguoji Commercial Plaza

0731-85201158/ 85047251




Temporary Vaccination Site of Changsha Medical University

1501 Leifeng Avenue




Community Health Service Center of Xingsha Neighborhood Office

399 Bancang Road, Xingsha Neighborhood




Vaccination Clinic of the People’s Hospital of Liuyang

the Second Floor of Block C in the  Central Zone of People’s Hospital of Liuyang, Daowu Road



-xiang City

Community Health Service Center of Chengjiao Neighborhood Office

19 Xuefu Road, Chengjiao Neighborhood


Changsha Hi-Tech Industrial Develop-

-ment Zone

Community Health Service Center of Lugu Neighborhood Office

Intersection of Wenxuan Road and Jiayuan Road


Source: Foreign Affairs Office of Hunan Provincial People's Government