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15 July 2015


Hunan Launches 2021 “I Have Golden Ideas” Initiative

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The government’s goal is to satisfy your yearning for a better life.

The Hunan government website launched its 2021 “I have golden ideas” initiative on December 10. It was done in cooperation with online media, governmental websites and new media at all levels. This event is aimed at encouraging netizens to offer suggestions about government work and map out a brighter future for Hunan's development. It will continue through the eve of 2021 Hunan's "Two Sessions".

"Golden ideas" will be included in the "Hunan Government Work Report".

This is the third year of the event. In the past two years, 86 “golden ideas” were included in the Hunan government work report. Many constructive views were approved by the Hunan government leaders and for implementation by the relevant departments.

The most valuable “golden ideas” will be chosen and submitted to the Hunan government work report draft team. The ideas will be incorporated into the report. All properly submitted messages will be forwarded to the relevant departments.

38 topics for the initiative

What should appear in your message? The initiative has 38 topics in six categories. They include three highlands and four new missions; and innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development.

The “three highlands and four new missions” is new this year. It includes topics such as advanced manufacturing development and technological innovation. In addition, this year’s new topics also include COVID-19 prevention and control, protecting the Yangtze River, consolidating achievements of poverty alleviation, as well as employment and entrepreneurship.

Internet users can leave a message via the special report of “I have golden ideas” initiative (Click on the Hunan government website (, related websites and platforms, or by scanning the QR code. 

Scan the QR code to leave your message. 


This event rewards netizens that actively leave messages. Valuable "golden ideas" that are accepted will be noted in the special report and their author rewarded. Phone users from Hunan will be given a 50 yuan mobile phone charge credit and users from outside the province will receive a small gift.

If a submitted “golden idea” is adopted, phone users from Hunan will receive a Hunan Tourism Annual Travel Card and 200 yuan of mobile phone charge. Users from outside the province will receive two travel cards.

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