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15 July 2015


Intelligent Manufacturing Booms in Hunan

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The photo, taken on September 15, shows the automatic valve processing workshop of Sany’s No.18 plant. The plant has several assemble lines for port, road, and concrete machinery and equipment. It is one of the first batch of the intelligent manufacturing demonstration plants approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the first intelligent “Lighthouse Factory” in construction machinery industry. It can shorten production period by 40%, increase capacity by 50%, and elevate automation rate by 80%. (Photo/Tang Jun)

The photo shows Sunward Aurora SA60L aircrafts on standby. SA60L is a single-engine two-seat sports aircraft with world-class performance and safety. It is the first Chinese brand light sports aircraft which has received the Chinese airworthiness certification.(Photo/Gu Pengbo)

The photo, taken on September 15, shows a 15-meter-diameter shield machine is examined at the China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Ltd. (CRCHI) First Industrial Park in Changsha. It will be delivered to Hangzhou. In recent years, CRCHI has developed more than 50 domestic, or even world, breakthrough products. Its market shares leap to over 90% in China, and account for two thirds of the global market. (Photo/Gu Pengbo, Hu Qing, Hunan Daily)

The photo, taken on September 15, shows a multi-system locomotive rans on the track. It is custom-tailored by the CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. to satisfy EU’s TSI (technical specification for interoperability), and suit requirement of multiple power supply modes. (Photo/Gu Pengbo, Liang Chao, Hunan Daily)

The photo, taken on September 14, shows workers test a computer on a software and hardware production line of Kunpeng computing industry at the Xiangjiang New Area. In this plant, 300 Hunan-developed servers and 1,000 computers can be produced every day. (Photo/Li Jian, Wang Zhiyu, Hunan Daily)

The photo, taken on September 17, shows the busy printer production line in the New Kinpo plant in Yueyang. The plant started an annual mass production of 13 million ink-jet printers early this year. The 19 production lines in full operation can produce more than 50,000 printers every day. (Photo/Xu Dianbo, Chen Yu, Hunan Daily)

The photo shows the first phase of ZOOMLION tower crane smart factory, the world’s largest tower crane factory. There are 12 automated production lines, more than 10,000 sensors, over 100 industrial robots, 35 unmanned vehicles, and 16 CNC processing centers. One standard section is manufactured every 10 minutes and one lifting arm is produced every 90 minutes averagely.(Photo/Tang Jun, Hunan Daily)

The photo, taken on September 16, shows a self-driving car of the Hunan Apollo Intelligent Transportation Co., Ltd. runs smoothly on the road at the National (Changsha) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Testing Zone. On September 15, the company was granted with the first batch of national permit for intelligent connected driverless vehicle test, and started to test the self-driving cars on open roads. As of now, Changsha has operated driverless car tests on 157-km urban roads covering Meixi Lake and Yanghu lake areas. (Photo/Gu Pengbo, Li Zeju, Hunan Daily)

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