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15 July 2015


Qixi Festival

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The Qixi Festival celebrated every year on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. In the past, girls were major part of participants in this festival. The main activity during the festival is asking for a light hand (乞巧‘qi qiao’for instance, be handy with the needle). The day is called “Qi Qiao Festival” or “Girls Festival”. It is the most romantic festival of Chinese traditional festivals. In 2020, Qixi Festival is on August 25th.(Source: China Travel Guide Website)

Many Qixi events will be held around Hunan.If you’re looking for some activities to join in, here are some recommendations.

Qixi Evening Romantic Cruise and Wine Salon

Time: 20:00 – 21:30, August 25, 2020 (Chinese Valentine’s Day)

Venue: Longxiang Group Zunlong Cruise  (boarding at the Changsha Riverside Cultural Park pier)

Note: Face masks required.

Highlight activities:

Free high-quality wine tasting;

Buffet and Huogongdian Restaurant snacks; and,

Romantic music and live shows.

Ticket: 520 yuan per couple (only room for 77 couples)

Scan the QR code to make a reservation:

Changsha Window on the World

Highlight 1:

The Sky Wheel International Cinema, China’s first cinema in the air, will open on August 25, Qixi Festival of 2020. Preferential film ticket of only 19.9 yuan will be provided during the first month after opening. Membership cards will open to booking.

Highlight 2:

Quarter-hour Blind Dating on the sky wheel;

Grand sky wheel fireworks show

Our Festival – Qixi, Chinese Valentine’s Day

Venue: Hunan Yuhua Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, No.198, Shanmuchong East Rd., Yuhua District

Date: from August 22 to 25

Duration: about 90 minutes

Visitors can participate in Changsha’s largest immersive puzzle solving game, which is integrated with Chinese Qixi culture, and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

Experience Activities: time travel; traditional athletics; intangible cultural heritage; and, room escape games.

Ticket price: 39.9 yuan/person

Valid: August 22-25 from 9:00–11:30 and 13:30–17:00

Hotline: 0731-89756888

Chenzhou Jiulongjiang National Forest Park

File photo: Jiulongjiang National Forest Park

Ticket package price: 138 yuan per couple

(includes: main entrance admission, glass bridge, glass walkway, Yao and She folk custom park, and shuttle bus fee)

One day only: August 25 (reservations can be made from August 18 through August 24)


River trekking and water pistol battle;

Viewing fantastic rocks, waterfalls, and deep pools from the glass bridge 120 meters above the ground;

Glass water slide; and,

Forest train

Chinese source: WeChat accounts of Xiaoxiang Morning Herald,  Hunan Traffic Channel, Yuhua Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, and Jiulongjiang Scenic Area