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15 July 2015

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Longjiao Mountain Enrockment Tombs

Located in Longyuan Township, Linxiang City, Longjiao Mountain Enrockment Tombs are the Qianjiadong relics left by Yao ancestors during the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316) and the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). After Yuan Fu period (1010 AD) in the Northern Song Dynasty, the whole Yao nationality had to move away from the place where they were living due to the war, and left many relics of life. The tombs cover a total area of about 78 square kilometers.


More than 40 relics including “Three Barriers and Nine Locks”, stone houses, stone wells, stilted buildings, stone tombs and bluestone projects have been remained, which are of great significance in studying the history, culture and migration of the Yao people.


In May 2002, the site was listed among cultural relic protection units under provincial protection. At present, it was included in the seventh batch of key cultural relic protection units under state protection by the State Council.