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15 July 2015

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Tuolong Gorge

Tuolong Gorge Ecological Tourism Scenic Area


With Xujiadong Dam and Reservoir, Tuolong Gorge, and the main peak of Lianyun Mountain as the support, taking the projects of aquatic recreation on Longhu Lake (reservoir lake), and rafting adventures at Tuolong Gorge (Xujiaxi Gorge) as the core, Tuolong Gorge Ecological Tourism Scenic Area has built itself into a national influential 3A comprehensive scenic area that integrates whitewater rafting adventures, bungee jumping, climbing, recreation, entertainment, and outdoor sports.


Tuolong gorge rafting, available for two people, boasts a maximum drop in mountain areas in China. It is 5 km long in total and has a total drop of 299 meters, the largest one of which reaches 19 meters. With the slideway stretching as long as 120 meters, the spectacular gorge is covered with lush trees, full-blown flowers and endowed with a 100-meter cliff waterfall. Immersed in the on-water rafting, visitors may feel that they were just traveling in a pictorial world, where they can not only enjoy surging and exciting rafting, but also appreciate the endless charm of nature.

Xujiadong Reservoir and Dam, the most powerful landscape in the scenic area, is designed on the basis of the dam shape and built into a giant dragon with its head holding high and turning back. As a landmark, the reservoir or dam is a landscape of great value and potential for development. With 197 meters wide and 53 meters high, the dam stands magnificent and spectacular on the Lianyun mountain range.


Tickets: Rafting for Attractions: 198 Yuan/Person; Outdoor Sports: 88 Yuan/Person

(Note: Children pay the same as adults for rafting; children under 1.1 meters in height are not allowed on the tour; children who are under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult.