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15 July 2015

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Huarong County Museum

Located in Martyrs' Park, Huarong County Museum covers a total area of nearly 10,000 square meters, involving an investment of approximately five million yuan. The museum consists of a 2452-square-meter main building, an outdoor square and “Liufang (Immortal) Park”. It is a solemn and majestic architecture of primitive simplicity and elegance. There are ten exhibition rooms in the museum falling into six categories, namely, Exhibition Hall of He Changong’s Life Story, Exhibition Hall of Celebrities and Generals in Huarong, Exhibition Hall of Huarong Historical Relics, Exhibition Hall of Tombs of Yuan Dynasty in Huarong, Exhibition Hall of Huarong’s Revolutionary History, and Exhibition Hall of Huarong’s Construction Achievements.


The museum houses more than 1,000 revolutionary and historical relics and 600 plus copies of pictures. Among those abundant historical relics, the female corpse of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), which was discovered in Chengguang Oil Plant of Huarong Grain Bureau in April, 1988, was well preserved with intact hair and elastic muscle tissue. In April, 2002, the museum was appraised as the Patriotic Education Base of Hunan Province by the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee.


Opening hours:

9 AM – 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

The museum opens as usual during weekends and holidays.