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15 July 2015

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The photo shows an aerial view of Yueyang City surrounded by lakes. (Photo/Liu Yu, Xinhua)


Situated in the northeast of Hunan Province, Yueyang has been famous in China for the picturesque Dongting Lake and gorgeous Yueyang Tower since ancient times. Dongting Lake, which stretches vastly into the skyline, is like a fancy satin belt encircling the ancient city of Yueyang. In Yueyang Tower, Fan Zhongyan, an outstanding official in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), sighed with feeling and said: “Be the first to worry about the affairs of the nation and the last to enjoy oneself." The tower stands on the ancient city, and looks down at Dongting Lake with a vast expanse of water covered by mist and fog. In the long process of history, Yueyang Tower has attracted numerous literati, where they composed poems and appreciated the fascinating scenery, making the tower become a cultural landmark of Yueyang City. The Miluo River where QuYuan, a great patriotic poet in ancient China drowned himself for the country is still flowing silently. Strolling along Qu Yuan Shrine, only in Woken Man Pavilion and Lament Altar, tourists will feel the poet's loyalty to the country from every piece of grass, every tree, table and couplet.

Thanks to its time-honored culture, Yueyang's modernization drive is developing vigorously. With the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship as the representative to display the city's image, Yueyang is marching toward the world with a brand-new look, and attracting friends from all over the world with its unique glamour.