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15 July 2015

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Former Residence of Ren Bishi

Area: Yueyang
Key Words:Former Residence of Ren Bishi
Themes:culture, former residence, red tourism
Suitable for: family, students, the elderly

The Former Residence of Ren Bishi can be found in Xinwuli, Tangjiaqiao in South Poluo City, Hunan Province.
Ren Bishi, a great Marxist and proletarian revolutionist, once served as the committee member of the central political bureau of the Communist Party and as secretary of the secretariat. Born on April 30, 1904, Ren lived at the residence and spent his childhood there until he went to Changsha City for study in 1915. Ren died in 1950.

Ren's Former Residence was built in the last year of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was built in a typical, southern-village style containing 31 rooms and covering an area of about 1,204 square meters. The western and southern ends of the residence are connected to other civilian homes, and on the northern and western sides there are adobe walls surrounding a semicircular pool located in front of the gate. Ren's family once lived in the six rooms in the north, which included Ren's living room where he spent his childhood and early youth. The room has been restored and contains Ren's bed, table and other possessions on display. The southern estate, originally belonging to their neighbors, was converted into an exhibition room that tells Ren's life story.

Address: Tangjiaqiao, Ren Bishi Town in South Poluo City, Hunan
Traffic Route: local buses

Tickets: 20 Yuan
Opening time: 8:00-18:00