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15 July 2015

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Special Local Products-Xiangtan

Dragon-brand Soy Sauce
Dragon-brand Soy Sauce won the golden medal at the Panama International Fair in 1915. With a bright color and a sweet smell, the soy sauce contains 260 types of aroma, and amino acid which is necessary for the health of every people. It is a high-quality nutritious commodity.

Shaofeng Tea
Shaofeng tea includes jasmine tea, green tea, gongfu tea, and raw dark green tea. All the tea leaves roll up, high in quality and aromatic in smell. Shaofeng tea can help improve the people's vision, clear the mind, promote the sceretion of saliva and relieve a cough.

Lampwick Cake
Prepared with high-quality glutinous rice flour, white sugar, lard, cinnamon, and red shreds, Lampwick Cake is in the shape of lampwick and tastes sweet, spicy and aromatic. The cake can be lit with fire, with the pure cinnamon smell.

Hunan Lotus Seeds
The lotus seeds produced in Xiangtan are larger than those produced in other places. Three lotus seeds put side by side last one cun(about 3 centimeter) long. In ancient China, such lotus seeds were paid as tribute to the emperor.