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15 July 2015

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Pork Blood Balls

Pork Blood Balls, a famous smoked specialty of Hunan, is unique in the country. Primarily made in Shaoyang City, the specialty is also called Baoqing pork blood ball. Baoqing is an old name for Shaoyang.

It is said that pork blood balls originated as a dish for temple vegetarian diets. Pork blood and streaky pork was not meant to originally be added in order to preserve tofu. Later, method of making the dish was altered as it was popularized among the villages.

Recipe: Mix fresh pork blood, crumbled tofu and streaky pork, add spices including Chinese prickly ash and cinnamon. Make fist-sized balls, and smoke these balls until black.

As living standards have improved, more streaky pork is now added, which was rare in old times.

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