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15 July 2015

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Special Local Products-Loudi

Yongfeng Chili Sauce

The main ingredients of Yongfeng Chili Sauce are chili pepper, soybeans and glutinous rice flour, all Yongfeng local products. The mixture is steamed, fermented, ground and aired in cool morning to be matured. The sauce goes well with wine and food.

Tieshan Red Bayberry from Lengshuijiang

There are many varieties of Tieshan red bayberry. One variety bears fruit as large as a walnut. The fleshy fruit, either in white or black color, has a small stone. The variety that bears smaller fruit is called "Gold Coin". Its fruit is a good spice.

Xinhua Decorative Porcelain

Xinhua decorative porcelain is well-known in China and abroad for its dazzling glazing and fine texture. The products are divided into four kinds: carving sculpture, kneading sculpture, openwork sculpture and pressing sculpture.