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15 July 2015

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The city of Huaihua is located in the southwestern part of Hunan Province. It is "the Dong Culture Tourism Zone of China",with Dong culture tours in the lead, and the tours of scenic spots and historic sites and the forest resorts as the important contents.

The tourist attractions in Huaihua are divided into the north, central and south sections. Those in the north feature folklore of the Dong and Miao ethnic groups and beautiful natural scenery. There are the Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area, the Eyou Mountain Scenic Area and the Wuxi Lake with a thousand islets in it; those in the central part feature historic structures of the Dong and Miao ethnic groups, such as ancient trade city of Hongjiang, an ancient village of Gaoyi, the ancient city of Qiancheng, the ancient village of Jingping and the sheltered bridge in Longjin; those in the south are fairyland-like villages of minority peoples. Visitors can appreciate the drum towers, sheltered bridges, roadside pavilions and ancient cottages, all particular to the local inhabitants of the Dong and Miao ethnic groups. Mountains there echo with the singing of the “Grand Song” of the Dong people and the love songs of the Miao people.