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15 July 2015

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Martyrs Shrine

Located at the foot of Xianglu Peak, the Martyrs Shrine is a key cultural relic under the Protection of the State. Numerous soldiers sacrificed their lives in the nearby mounts during the Sino-Japanese War and were buried here. Martyrs Shrine has a well-arranged layout. Along the central axis line are a memorial archway, Monument of the 7.7 Incident, Memorial Hall, Salute Monument and Xiang Hall. On the archway, a statue of four small, rocky shells surrounding a much larger shell can be found. The five shells represent the five main nationalities of China: the Hans, the Manchurians, the Mongolians, the Huis, and the Tibetans who worked together to fight against the invaders. In Xiang Hall, there are descriptions of the deeds of each martyr.