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15 July 2015

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Xuandu Temple

Also known as the Half-way Pavilion, Xuandu Temple was built in Southern Qi Dynasty (427AD-502AD). The temple consists of the Entrance Gate, the Linggong Hall, the Heaven Emperor Hall and the Sanqing Hall. The Linggong Hall houses a three-eyed, red-bearded God of the Law in a suit similar to that of the Heaven Emperor. Heaven Emperor Temple enshrines the 2.5-meter-tall statue of the Heaven Emperor. In Sanqing Temple, three 3-meter-tall statues-the three senior Gods of Taoism, are ensconced. In the middle is Yuqing, God of Prime Origin. In the left stands Taiqing, God of the Way of Power. Right, Shanqing, God of the Sacred Jewel. On each side of these halls, are two statues of the Celestial Masters, all white-faced and dressed in white robes, with serious expressions while clutching the office desks.