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15 July 2015

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The Holy Emperor Hall

Built in 1880, the sixth year of Emperor Guangxu's reign (1871-1908) in Qing Dynasty, the Holy Emperor Hall is the primary hall of Nanyue Grant Temple and the largest building in the historical Nanyue town. The Hall covers an area of 1,877 square meters. Its height is 24 meters. The 72 stone columns in this hall represent the 72 peaks scatted in Mount Hengshan. Within the Hall are pieces of fine art antiques, a treasure of the art of the state. Dragons and phoenixes were carved on the wooden eaves and door leaves. Between the 72 stone columns were 144 pieces of white marble double-sided relief sculptures, established in 1705 of Qing Dynasty. In the stage outside the hall, a white stone dragon is ready to fly. Moreover, colorful pottery on the roof and paintings on the walls along the corridor are all good examples of the elegant antique arts collections hold in this grant hall.