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15 July 2015

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Sports and Recreation-Chenzhou

Tiantang Hot Spring
On the northern outskirt of Chenzhou, Tiantang is a national AAAA scenic iarea for enjoying food, recreation, leisure and fitness. The garden-like hot spring water bathing area is built in a Japanese style. The soft spring water is light green, free of poison and pollution, rare in China. Experts say bathing in the clean water from the heaven is intoxicating.

Transport: Take public bus No.4 in Chenzhou City
Tel: (86)735-2593118
Admission (for reference): RMB 46 yuan/adult
Opening hours: 09:00-24:00

Rucheng Fuquan Hot Spring

The largest natural hot spring in Hunan Prvince, it is located in Rucheng County, Chenzhou. As a national AAAA scenic area, it is one of the four largest hot springs in south China. The hot spring water is helpful in the treatment of various kinds of rheumatism, skin diseases and other diseases related with the genital system.
Transport: Take public bus to Rucheng East Station from Chenzhou City and then take regular bus to the destination

Tel: (86)735-8471070
Admission (for reference ): RMB 88 yuan /adult
Opening hours: 15:00-24:00

Longnv Hot Spring

Legend has it that it is a spring bestowed by Heavenly God to the third daughter of Dragon King for her to drink and bathe in. The hot spring is located in Tongkenghu Village, Shijiao Township, Beihu Distric, about five km away from the city center of Chenzhou, and 1.5km away from national highway No. 107, with convenient transportation facilities. It is a theme park integrating sightseeing, holiday spending, business, leisure, recreation and health care. The spring water is limpid and transparent, with rich mineral resources, suitable for drinking or taking a bath, and the temperature is about 40℃. The spring water has unique therapeutic effects for many diseases.

Transport:  Take bus Nos.2, 3 and 4
Tel: (86)735-2328518