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15 July 2015

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Hongyuan Leisure Center (Jinxiu Huatian Branch)


Founded in 2000, it offers services like feet massage and Chinese traditional health care and is praised by customers for its perfect facilities, excellent and unique skills and first class service.

Add: 4th floor of Jinxiu Huatian Mansion, Furong Middle Road

Tel: (86) 731-84365388



1.    Take No. 109, No.115, No.116, No.128, No.142 or No.159 to Tangjia Alley and walk about 28 m.

2.    Take No.109, No.115, No.116, No.128, No.142 No.159 or No.402 to Panjiaping and walk about 280 m.

3.    Take No.807 to Furong Crossing and walk about 459 m.

4.    Take No.109, No.115, No.116, No.142, No.159 or No.405 to Xiangya Crossing and walk about 494 m.

5.    Take No.112, No.136, No.146, No.150 or No.901 to Xiadalong and walk about 540 m.