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15 July 2015

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Hanzi Leisure Center


Hanzi Leisure Center, invested by Hunan Falcon Education Group, is a large-scale service chain enterprise, offering health care, entertainment and leisure. Its Thai massage mixed with Chinese style is most famous.

Add: No.79 Wuyi Avenue, Changsha


Tel: (86) 731-84469555     (86) 731-84469991




1.    Take No. 104, No.111, No.113, No.117, No.118, No.12, No.202, No.312 or No.803 to Changdao Crossing and walk about 28 m.

2.    Take No.107, No.108, No.112, No.121, No.135 or No.9 to Wuyi East Village and walk 241 m.

3.    Take No.112, No.127, No.136, No.1 or No.405 to Xiaoyuan Road and walk 268 m.

4.    Take No.113, No.202, No.312, No.317 or No.401 to Xiangyu Center (Shuguang Crossing) and walk about 314 m

5.    Take No.113 to Shuguang North Road and walk 357 m.